Who Are We?

HoopDough was founded by a group of chef with over 20 years experience who wanted to bring a new flavour to the modern cafes. After years of experimenting with different dough, we have finally perfected the taste of our receipt and now we are ready to share it with you!

You’re a cafe owner, you don’t have time to make all your dessert from scratch yourself. And you shouldn’t have to.

You’re looking for quality ingredients, and flavors that wow your customers without distracting from the brand image you’ve worked so hard to create. We get it—and that’s why we make dough that helps you do more with less.

Our premium ingredients and secret recipe will have your customers coming back for more.

Our First Dough


The savoury, crispy dessert you’ve been waiting for.

This mouthwateringly delicious, bite-sized snack is made from HoopDough special formula and you can add on toppings of your choice! We love to create new flavours from our innovative dough and provide a luxury experience to all of our customers.  Order now to try out this new hit in market!

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